Our Return & Refund Policy

At The Walter Battiss Company, we pride ourselves in the premium quality of our products, the service we deliver, and the condition in which you receive and experience each and every purchase. However, we do understand that you may not always be satisfied with your item and we commit to doing our absolute best to accommodate you in such an instance.

We offer the following return & refund policies, depending on the nature of the return:

1. Unwanted Products Without Any Defect:
You are welcome to exchange any unwanted products, free of charge, provided that it falls within the following parameters:

  • Timeframe: for returns/ exchanges, no more than 30 days have lapsed since the date of your purchase, and for refunds, no more than 14 days have lapsed. Please do note that we only offer returns and refunds for products that have been purchased directly from us, The Walter Battiss Company.
  • Nature of Product: All products shall be eligible unless expressly stated on the relevant product or product category page. 
  • Product Condition: Where applicable, the product must be in its original packing with everything intact. The product must be unused and undamaged. All returned goods are inspected to ensure that it is undamaged, unused and in the original packaging. The product must not be missing any accessories or parts. And lastly, the product must not be messed on and should not be altered in any way. 
  • How To Return a Product: Returns can be done through our ‘Contact Us’ portal, or by sending us an email at info@walterbattiss.co.za.

Please note that in the case of unwanted products (without defect) being returned, the return cost shall be for the customer's account (unless waived by Walter Battiss). Where the original order qualified for free shipping and as a result of the return the remaining basket value does not exceed the threshold to qualify for free shipping - the shipping cost will be deducted from the refunded amount.   

2. Defective Products:
In the event that an item purchased is defective, we encourage you to return it as soon as possible by reaching out to us via our 'Contact Us' portal, or by sending us an email at info@walterbattiss.co.za, following which we will take the below steps on our end:
  • We will arrange for the purchased item to be returned to our head office at our cost.
  • Once received back, we will inspect the product in order to ascertain the nature and the extent of the defect.
  • Upon completion of our assessment, we will either (i) repair the area of defect and return the product to you, or (ii) exchange the defective product for a new product.
  • We will ensure complete transparency throughout the process and will keep you updated at all times. Rest assured that your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. 

For defective products, we do not have a specified timeframe within which the product needs to be returned.

Please do, however, note that the following will not be regarded as defects and will thus not entitle you to a return order: 

  • Damage that arises from negligence, incorrect use, or abuse of the product.
  • Damage that arises from inadequate care of the product.
  • Damage due to non-adherence of wash and care instructions. 
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage arising from exposure to sunlight, other than prints which are quality guaranteed.
  • Damage arising from alterations made to the product.

We endeavour to respond to all return requests within 3 business days.